The one where the bus DIDN'T go to Croydon!

Yep, this was no fun day out - we were on a mission!

Lady Cake settles into her seat, in the...well...Land of the Lady Cake.

Baggy decides to go along for the ride.

We started off in Minehead and passed the place Lady Cake does her jections!

The procession moved Porlock.

Lady Cake couldn't resist becoming a tourist for the day!

After the climb up Porlock Hill - and missing a few branches on our way, we were out in open country.

Dark clouds on the horizon, but were they heading our way?

It kept dry for a while...

...and we even spotted some critters!

After we walked up the steepest of steep hills, we mooched around Lynton.

The view from the top was stunning and worth all our efforts.

The tide was in, but we were about to be washed out!

Railway? What railway? No, no we didn't let the train take the strain, we WALKED up there. Honest.

As we headed back to Minehead, the top deck was surprisingly empty.

There was no stopping those showers.

We chugged along, back the way we'd come.

Welcome to Porlock - yes, that's what the sign said!

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Susie said...

Despite the rain, looks absolutely fabulous and I am so jealous. I've been to Lynton but not the other places. I wish I lived nearer so I could join in the fun.