The search for Ceka's RAM...

Somone had stolen Ceka's ram and who better to try and track down this elusive character than...The Baggster!

The Baggster was no stranger to intrigue and she mixed with the shadows of the moor.

Interviews were conducted.

Treacherous paths were followed.

No leaf was left unturned.

Directions were given...

The Baggster sought comfort where it could be found.

It was hard work, no bull.

Miles were covered.

But still there was no sign of The Ram.

As the mists cleared...

The Baggster heard a whisper.

She headed off in hot pursuit!

Once more, Ceka was reunited with her Ram and celebrated with a Roast Lamb dinner at The Baggster's hotel. Well, actually it was Beef - but Ceka hadn't lost her Bull and everything else on here is made up, so why not?

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